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Was The Super Bowl Really SUPER?

And the New England Patriots WIN the 2015 Superbowl 28 – 24 over the Seattle Seahawks… The Seattle Seahawk’s Jermaine Kearse’s bobbled catch during the last 2 minutes of the game while down 28 – 24 was amazing…….and he would … Continue reading

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McDonald’s New Commercial….Like or Hate?

Call me gullible, but I saw the new Mc Donald’s commercial during the NFL games Sunday and I liked it. Since, I’ve heard that a lot of people are cynical and upset by it and I’m intrigued. I personally hate … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Hype

Now that it’s Monday, we can all recollect ourselves and get back to real life! The Super Bowl is over…Thank God! What a disappointment is was. Expecting the game to be a dynamic display of battle between modern day warriors … Continue reading

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Hurry . . . Order In The Next 10 Seconds and We’ll Double Your Oder Free!

How do these commercials even work on an economically stretched public? Everytime I see one, I cringe. What I also love is how they state “just pay┬áseparate┬áprocessing and handling fees?” What exactly does that entail? Putting it in a box? … Continue reading

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Life before DVRs . . .

Do you even remember that? I can barely . . . but I know it was a barren, ugly place. With, shudder, commercials!! Yuck!! Do you remember them!! Those dreaded, horrible, loud screechy things. Telling you to BUY things you … Continue reading

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