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The Wide Spread Liberal Views

Ya know, I used to be able to listen to many differing opinions on the radio and television but I find myself having a hard time swallowing the hard line liberal agenda being shoved down my throat everywhere I turn. … Continue reading

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Are You a Liberal Or a Conservative?

Are You a Liberal or a Conservative? I was asked this at a gathering recently and before thinking I answered, as most of us do with an either/or answer. Personally I think this is a broad question and ripe for … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart Really Bugs Me!

I do not think Jon Stewart is being honest with himself or his audience. I do not think he¬†should be able to fall back on the old line “I’m a comedian” so everything I say is comedy first and should … Continue reading

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Getting Your Book Out There, The New-Fashioned Way! #

    Is it me, or does it seem everyone semi-famous and infamous in the news has written a book or books lately and is making their rounds on the circuit of TV and radio shows hawking said book? I’m … Continue reading

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