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Sometimes Life Just Happens….

I remember my shaky Parkinson’s disease-ridden father once telling me on an especially bad day as he tried to patiently answer my Alzheimer diseased mother for the millionth time, that he must have been a bastard in a former life … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Today can be a day of pleasure and pain….a day of remembering and a day of sharing memories and love. It can be a day of bittersweet thoughts of men who are gone and a day of spending time with … Continue reading

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Birthday Wishes…

It’s Dads birthday, though he’s gone he’s not forgotten he’s in a better place, I know his day, a special day…Little Christmas so many memories we celebrated I always called him…. but this year I cannot I think of him… … Continue reading

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Spanking/Beating . . . Hard To Tell the Difference in Texas!

I wrote an article this past June about a mother, Rosalinda Gonzales being brought up on charges by a judge for “beating” her child when she had spanked her daughter’s butt. She then lost custody of her other children. She … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day Dad!

It is so hard to see our parents age. . .but I guess it is better than the alternative.  My Dad is alive and kicking in Naples, Florida in an Elderly Care Facility with my Mom. He is in the … Continue reading

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The Visit

The visit is going so well. Took my Mom out to the Pier in Naples, FL to see the sites. She loved it. My sister, brother and I had her out in a wheel chair and she was doing real well … Continue reading

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Flying & other Hassles…

    I started to write this post about what a hassle it is to fly, but when I actually began typing I was drawn to write about what I am going there to do …at my destination. I guess … Continue reading

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Missing My Mom…!#

No she’s not dead, she has Alzheimer’s…and I don’t know if it’s better or worse. For some reason, lately I have been missing my REAL mom, the one before Alzheimer’s so much. I have to call the facility she’s in, ask … Continue reading

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