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This Is A Big F*cking Deal!

Fast forward to today, the day after the 2014-midterm elections and I wonder if Joe Biden is ready to exclaim that again? As far as I’ve heard, left-wingers aren’t accepting the loss of the Senate as America’s outright rejection of … Continue reading

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21 Hours of Principle

When Senator Ted Cruz (R) decided to speak on the floor for 21 hours about the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare whichever name you’d like to give this abomination of a 2,700 page bill that the majority of THE PEOPLE … Continue reading

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Obama – Subterfuge Or Outright Stupidity?

I’ve been surfing around the web today reading blogs and a hypothesis came to my attention and it’s sticking in my craw. Could Obama have lost that debate too easily? I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but do you think … Continue reading

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Obama Hopes And Changes To Bullshit!

As he opens the speech, he’s already set the world land speed record for bullshit! Gotta hand it to him. I just heard him say “I never said it would be fast!” WHAT? His 2008 Campaign was all about how … Continue reading

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Please Joe Make A Gaffe!

So Joe started with a really long and boring video of the Democratic destitute olympics which I didn’t see the need for since he was going to speak anyway. I’m so sorry but I can’t wait to hear him…you just … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Speech Was Rousing But Was Any Of It True?!

Clinton’s speech was long (50 minutes of blathering) and full of a lot of snake oil. How he could say Obama tried to work across the aisle is beyond me!  I must have been sleeping for the last 4 years … Continue reading

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The New McCarthyism of 2010

It seems that it is NOT what is good for the goose is good for the gander when it comes to politics and anybody facing off against the Liberals and left leaning Democrats. They will vilify and massacre you to no end … Continue reading

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