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Does The Media MAKE The News Not Just Report IT?

Hey, how’s that economy? Have you heard much about it lately? No, of course not, because it’s not scintillating enough. Weinergate has kind of eclipsed it. The stock-market has tanked and we’re not hearing enough about that either. Obama must … Continue reading

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The Strange & Weird, Or I Just Can’t Remember SH*% . . .!!

OK, I had the strangest thing happen to me today. I know I really don’t have an extremely interesting life but what does happen tends to be strange or mysterious. After my fabulous husband picked up the mail from the … Continue reading

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Real Friends and Phone Talk…!#%$

I don’t know about anyone else, maybe it’s just me…I am getting older and bitchier but I really enjoy a good conversation with my GOOD friends on the phone. I know everybody is into this new Social Networking on Facebook … Continue reading

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