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Invoking The Archangels

Where do nightmares and negative thoughts stem from? Why do they plague some people? I’m sure psychologists can give you a long winded many paged thesis on that,   Evie thinks….. . There is a lot of energy around us and … Continue reading

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Our True Purpose In Life

As I spoke to a very near and dear friend today we spoke of what we are here for. . .here on this earth. Do any of us really know? Sometimes we need to relax and let the path be … Continue reading

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Gas & Escalating Prices

I have a burning question that needs to be answered, how come no one is up in arms about the price of gas today? It has slowly been creeping up for months, and no one is questioning the Obama Administration … Continue reading

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Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

I have gotten up the last few days real early, especially considered early for me. I have to say it may have opened my eyes to the enjoyment and the pleasure of the early rising hoo haa I’ve heard about. … Continue reading

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I Don’t know If It’s ‘Cause I’m Blond, Crazy, Or If I’ve Been Dropped On my Head . . .

but I swear I think I’ve been doing more off the wall things lately! Is it something in the air, something going on in the universe, or is it just me, I really can’t figure it out, but, really I … Continue reading

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Ghost Adventures…

This show is hilarious!! How can you say you’re a Ghost Hunter and then run EVERY time you hear a noise! PLEASE!  This is so funny! I’m trying to take this show seriously but as I’m watching  with my son … Continue reading

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