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Sad News from FB !#

I don’t usually go looking for friends on FaceBook, I have my present life and I’m happy with it. When I first opened my FB account, I think I may have been more interested in talking with some old friends, … Continue reading

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So I Got A New SMART Phone….

And boy do I feel sorry for my friends. They are the Guinea pigs  . . . and I can’t imagine it’s going to be painless! I’ve already been on the couch crying because I couldn’t figure out how to … Continue reading

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Why do I not listen to my inner voice of reason? Today, I received a link for 2000 Free Facebook Credits from a friend on FaceBook and I acted on it! What a moron I am! I never usually do … Continue reading

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No I Won’t Re-Post Your Message Because I <3 Child Abuse, Hunger, Abortion, Global Warming and Terrorism

Why do people still insist  on putting rumors in their statuses on Facebook and continue the string of untruths? That’s how ridiculous things go VIRAL, don’t ya know?! I usually just ignore these statuses, there are too many to even … Continue reading

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Sundays with my Boys

Daddy had to go out-of-town and he did not want me to be alone so he suggested that both boys come to keep me company. So as I was still sleeping, the first boy arrived and immediately started yelling up … Continue reading

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The Strange & Weird, Or I Just Can’t Remember SH*% . . .!!

OK, I had the strangest thing happen to me today. I know I really don’t have an extremely interesting life but what does happen tends to be strange or mysterious. After my fabulous husband picked up the mail from the … Continue reading

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My Blog and My Freedom to Say What I Will…

Today I ran into some matters, doctor related and personal that torqued me up that I feel I want to blog about, but I don’t know if my husband would approve of all and sundry who read my blog to … Continue reading

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Social Media and the lack of….

I was amazed how much hubbub I have heard surrounding both College Professors  for their audacity to try to take any means of communication from THE children….sob, sob. Oh, please. If it wasn’t for all the media coverage and the helicopter … Continue reading

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Real Friends and Phone Talk…!#%$

I don’t know about anyone else, maybe it’s just me…I am getting older and bitchier but I really enjoy a good conversation with my GOOD friends on the phone. I know everybody is into this new Social Networking on Facebook … Continue reading

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Love is a Funny Thing…

Why does it make us cry? Is it all the emotions roiling around inside us? Every time I get off the phone with either of my boys now, I can’t help but have tears streaming down my face. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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