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Has Paris Fashion Week Gone Too Far?

OMG……..look closely at this pic. if you’re not a prude….that’s right that’s a flaccid penis you see. I don’t believe this is a costume malfunction, it was meant for the shock of it all! Who would really wear this fashion? … Continue reading

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Shopping Pitfalls

Yesterday was a shopping extravaganza with a girlfriend and her daughter and Boy! did it take me back? My friend’s daughter was on the hunt for a specific thing, a dress for a get-together and she knew exactly what she wanted, unfortunately … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian and The Rest Of The Media Whores

So in the news today, fresh off the presses is the break-up of the marriage of one of the world’s favorite media darlings Kim Kardashian and NBA star Kris Humphries. This after 72 days of wedded bliss. The wedding was … Continue reading

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Keepin’ Up With Diddy?!~

I recently got an ad in the mail for Sean John Fragrance and was telling my family that this was Sean “Puffy” Combs line of scent and that he has a line of fashion, too. My youngest son, who’s 19 … Continue reading

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What Not To Wear Has More To Offer Than Meets The Eye…

I have watched “What Not to Wear” on TLC quite a few times and I have to say I am always impressed by the end of the show how much more Clinton Kelly and Stacy London have really helped the women … Continue reading

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What Not To Wear!

OMG! How funny! I do not know if I’m punchy  because I’m tired or if tonight is an especially funny episode but I must have cracked up at least 3 times out loud by myself. Clinton & Staci are working … Continue reading

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Men are from Mars, Women are just Plain RIGHT! #*

    Seriously, don’t MEN know if they want to make fun of people or talk about them they are supposed to do it BEHIND their backs like we women do? Duh! This way no one gets hurt and you … Continue reading

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