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Sad News from FB !#

I don’t usually go looking for friends on FaceBook, I have my present life and I’m happy with it. When I first opened my FB account, I think I may have been more interested in talking with some old friends, … Continue reading

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When Did We Start Talking Like This?

Have you heard these stupid sayings? Thread the needle…? In my wheel house…. paradigm shift, push the envelope. When did we start talking like this and take ourselves seriously? Who’s nonsense is this anyway? ┬áIf you have a hard enough … Continue reading

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Why do I not listen to my inner voice of reason? Today, I received a link for 2000 Free Facebook Credits from a friend on FaceBook and I acted on it! What a moron I am! I never usually do … Continue reading

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Dissin’ Facebook . . .

OK, now for the REAL subject and it’s a little controversial. I’ve been going on Facebook less and less. I guess I really don’t get IT. If I want to talk to my “friends” I usually pick up the phone … Continue reading

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