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Jon Stewart Really Bugs Me!

I do not think Jon Stewart is being honest with himself or his audience. I do not think he¬†should be able to fall back on the old line “I’m a comedian” so everything I say is comedy first and should … Continue reading

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The “GODFATHER” of Commonsense… Herman Cain

So, did you see the South Carolina Republican Debate the other day? If you missed it you should check it out . . .they are rerunning it on FOX news and I’m sure you can catch it on youtube or … Continue reading

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Did you hear — Osama BIN LADEN Is DEAD?!

I saw the reporting of the news last night, and it was wild to see the story develop. No one knew what the President was going to speak about at 10:30 pm EST on a Sunday night which in and … Continue reading

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Juan Williams and the Hubbub surrounding his firing…

    I am still amazed by NPR (National Public Radio) and their standing on the Juan Williams comment this past Monday Night on the Bill O’Reilly Show on Fox News on TV. What Juan stated was his feeling, his … Continue reading

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