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Gabrielle Giffords’ Miraculous Recovery

How happy should we be that this good woman is already doing so well they are getting ready to release her to a rehab facility in Houston maybe as early as tomorrow? It is just amazing. She has already given … Continue reading

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Can We Stop The Blame Game in Regard to the Tucson Shooting? #*

Today was the funeral to honor Chief Judge Roll and I hope we can start putting this horror behind us. It was a moving service. The Pundits and Politicians together are all clamoring to find an answer for the terrible … Continue reading

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Let’s Call For a Time of Calm, Peace and Understanding

Let’s not jump to conclusions about this shooting in Tucson, Arizona. With the last 2 years of unrest in politics it is too easy to point fingers and try to blame other opposing groups — such as the Tea party … Continue reading

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The Attack on Representative Gabrielle Giffords – Thats Whats New in Arizona!~

It seems that some murderous nut decided to attack a Safeway parking lot in Tucson, AZ where 40 yr. old Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D) was speaking at a public event. She is a shining young star on the rise. He … Continue reading

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