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Being Politically Ridiculous #

I was listening to talk radio AGAIN and Glenn Beck just brought up a salient point that I never thought about and I wonder how many people have? We are so worried about labeling people in this country that instead of … Continue reading

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Glen Beck Mocking Donald Trump on 700 Club Interview

Donald Trump, aside from being a self-proclaimed “birther”, even sending his own men to Hawai’i to check where President Obama’s birth certificate is, is now making the rounds of the country, getting the feel of his popularity to see if … Continue reading

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Getting Your Book Out There, The New-Fashioned Way! #

    Is it me, or does it seem everyone semi-famous and infamous in the news has written a book or books lately and is making their rounds on the circuit of TV and radio shows hawking said book? I’m … Continue reading

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Pucker Up Al Sharpton!

    I saw Al Sharpton, you know him the infamous Civil rights activist, rabble rousing American Baptist Minister on a political show lately and he did not look happy. He looked like he had just finished sucking on a lemon. He … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck

Hey don’t get me wrong, I was born Catholic, and I have chosen to remain agnostic now, or just spiritual. I have been a fan of his Glenn’s, I listen to 92.3 talk radio in Arizona. I enjoy the political … Continue reading

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