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Windows To The Soul

What hides behind your windows to the soul? We all have our deep dark secrets hidden in our depths Let them out in the sunshine they will float away on butterfly wings They are just mirages….. trying to hold us … Continue reading

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A Part Of God

stress and paranoia sometimes seem to be what make me tick then I realize if I don’t relax and manage it it might make me sick Can I find the secret to Balance? today My Weekly Powerful Question is “Are … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror

Sometimes I wonder why then I realize I mirror reality and I realize If I want a different reaction I have to change myself…………….. for I am causing my own Reality…. Evelyn Garone 2.1.13

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Open Each Day Like A New Gift!

Do you remember years ago there was a radio announcer who used to say “Open each day like a new gift”? Sometimes life is as simple as that. Perhaps we need a new perspective to realize we can start each day with … Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty – 2 Quacks Up!

Where has this show been all my life? Or at least until last night….I found it and I’m not letting it go. I thought the show was hilarious and precious. There is nothing I can find wrong with this show. … Continue reading

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The Tim Tebow Phenomenon Is Getting A Lot Of Play Time!

With all that is going wrong with the world right now, isn’t it great to have something nice, something positive to celebrate at this point in time? I think so! Case in point Tim Tebow . . . he seems … Continue reading

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What’s In A Word?! #

I was just contemplating words and the usage of and wondering what peoples’ opinion is on cursing and/or the use of profanity? I’m not talking about cursing and swearing at people I’m talking about using swear words as expletives or as descriptive adjectives. … Continue reading

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The Casey Anthony Acquittal!

I know this is going to be controversial but I’m going to have my say anyway. I am glad I was not on the jury trying to convict Casey Anthony of Caylee’s murder. There was just so much obfuscation and … Continue reading

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No One Told Me There’d Be Days Like These . . .

To start this “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” was that I was up ’til 4:00 am not able to sleep, tossing and turning with pain, knowing all along that I was going to have to be up at … Continue reading

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Angel Girl –“There Are More Things In Heaven And Earth, Horatio…

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” This has been quoted time and again from the famous play Hamlet Act. 1, Scene 5, from 1601 by Shakespeare. It is referring to spirits. It is as true today is embodied by … Continue reading

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