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Under Protest of the Writing POLICE, I AM Writing About Football!

So as usual it’s Sunday at our house and the boys are over, so guess what? Of course we’re watching football! It’s a big day…we are lucky enough to get a game everybody is excited about. The family team is … Continue reading

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Beware Picking Your Dentist

Perhaps you should learn from me and do more homework than I did and pick carefully when getting a new dentist. GOOGLE and YELP are amazingly helpful as I have found after the fact showing peoples’ opinions and experiences. Now … Continue reading

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How About That Damn Debate, Who’s The Biggest Liar?

I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, it might as well be a two man show for as much attention is shown to the rest of the candidates running. It just feels as if the decision has already … Continue reading

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Did you ever Google your name and see all the things under your name? There are all kinds of tidbits of information available for all and sundry to see . . . I’ve heard tales of this tool called Life … Continue reading

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Scanning & Downloading Pictures to FaceBook

OMG I am extremely happily impressed and excited that I finally figured out how to scan old pictures and then download them to email and Face Book. I am able to share them with my family and friends so now … Continue reading

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You May Have Noticed I Changed My Title . . .

Finally, I have some true believers! I hate to toot my own horn, but I have believed for a while now that I am psychic, but to get a true following, that is the hard part. My husband was going … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Sleep So I Decided To Blog . . .

and here I am again. When all else fails, as my mind keeps on perking and I figure that after the laundry is hung and I’m still not tired, it’s 1:38 am,  let’s take advantage of the energy when we … Continue reading

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