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Libya, Japan, The President & Donald Trump

Wow, there is a lot going on around the globe to be talking about, lots to wonder about. I’m really not sure if any of it makes sense to me. I don’t know if much of it is positive or … Continue reading

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Where Is Everybody?

Hey, I know that there is a lot of stuff going on around the planet, but really is that any reason for my faithful readers to abandon me, the blogger? I don’t understand it…I know everything isn’t supposed to be … Continue reading

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Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami and The Aftermath

I have kept pretty mute on the whole awful disaster in Japan, though I feel so much sympathy for all the people suffering from the double whammy of the natural disasters they have suffered. The magnitude of the earthquake was … Continue reading

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Japan’s Earthquake, the Nuclear Meltdowns…2012 is Coming!

I wonder if all the horribly unfortunate things taking place across the globe have to do with all the tales of the world ending in 2012? The timing couldn’t be better …the terrible unrest in the Middle East, horrific earthquakes … Continue reading

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Late, Late Night TV . . .

Wow…I can’t decide if it’s good or bad, that is late night TV I’m talking about. I guess it depends on your own personal opinion, but you can find many different choices. As I’ve been taking it easy nursing my … Continue reading

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