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WOW Harvard Profs….you should have MY deductible!

I recently heard that professors from Harvard University are grousing and protesting the jump in their health care deductible from about $250 – $750 going up $20 more a month. Interesting……..I wonder how many of these people from this very … Continue reading

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Are You a Liberal Or a Conservative?

Are You a Liberal or a Conservative? I was asked this at a gathering recently and before thinking I answered, as most of us do with an either/or answer. Personally I think this is a broad question and ripe for … Continue reading

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I don’t have to be Unbiased…

Thank God I don’t have to be unbiased since I’m not a PAID journalist . . . not that the other journalists are really worrying about that issue! Anyway, back to my point, I digress. I was just wondering what … Continue reading

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