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Michele Obama’s Worry About Weight & McDonald’s Worries Me Too!!!

Okay, I’ve got something stuck in my craw today, hang on because you’re going on a long convoluted ride with me but as my lunacy unravels you might see it makes some sense and is somewhat amusing. (I hope.) This … Continue reading

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Golf Maniacs, Apps. & What’s Appropriate during Polite Conversation . . .

all this and more flies around in my mind at any given moment. There are no boundaries and no discipline, that’s what makes ME, ME! We were at the Mc Donald’s for an early breakfast, an egg McMuffin and hot … Continue reading

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So Are We Keeping Tax Cuts, We’ll See…

Alright, whats really up with our President now? I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if I trust him as far as I can throw him. First we have him doing an about face on the Tax deal, … Continue reading

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How Come…

    No matter how organized you are or seem to be things still fall through the cracks? ┬áSuch as receipts. I don’t understand, but maybe it’s just the way these thing have to go…why I don’t know, it just … Continue reading

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