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Tumbleweed Invasion in Ahwautkee

Embedded you will see my video of a wind-storm in my hometown of Ahwatukee, AZ a suburb of Phoenix. Please have patience with my videographer skills – new phone, wind and coordination are all called into question here but the … Continue reading

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Beauty On the Wind

Butterfly Wonderland… Continue reading

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The birds are chirping in the early morn’ the bushes budding again the green creeps down the mountains lazy breezes blowing through the tree fronds bountiful blossoms on orange trees smell so amazing wafting on the wind sweetening and renewing … Continue reading

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Bunny In The Backyard!#

Too much of anything is not good…….I guess it’s an analogy for life. I think like most people I like bunnies, ¬†it seems I have one who lives somewhere around my backyard area. Usually that would seem to be a … Continue reading

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Who’s Got A Grandma Like This?#

So, I’m busy visiting in Florida, kinda’ on death watch for my Dad who’s got 24 hour hospice care now as we’re waiting for him to make his peace with his maker and¬†separate from this life and move on. As … Continue reading

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Damn Cats & Their Wild Nature….#

Ya know sometimes you can’t win for losing…. I hate to complain…okay maybe not….but this is a serious topic and I’d love to hear what others think on this topic. I’m an empty nester now that I’ve sent my two … Continue reading

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The Aftermath of The Haboob in Phoenix . . .

I missed the haboob that hit the Phoenix area on Tuesday, July 5 ,2011, but got to arrive home to the mess. My pool was a muddy ugly thing and nothing but time and the filter will do anything to … Continue reading

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