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Hey, How’s That Global Warming Working For Ya’ Al Gore?

Now I don’t pretend to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination but we all know Al Gore does and I’d like to know how he’s explaining away all this snow and cold across our country this winter? … Continue reading

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What Not To Wear Has More To Offer Than Meets The Eye…

I have watched “What Not to Wear” on TLC quite a few times and I have to say I am always impressed by the end of the show how much more Clinton Kelly and Stacy London have really helped the women … Continue reading

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Now it’s Ink Cartridges, when will it end?

    So you think you’re doing a good thing by buying your ink cartridges on the web at a cheap price and now the UPS truck delivering them is being pulled over on a NY bridge to see if … Continue reading

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What the Hell was COLBERT Thinking??

 So now that the Senate Democrats have indicated that they will not vote on whether to extend the Bush tax cuts before midterm elections, which is ludicrous in itself, the biggest news in Washington today was that Stephen Colbert, of … Continue reading

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The Damn Mosque !!#

Freedom … That was what America was and is based on. I’m not really crazy about the whole building of the Mosque in downtown New York, but I believe they have the RIGHT to do so.  Many Americans seems to … Continue reading

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