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Pain feel the weight, medicate can’t escape, meditate what’s the cause, who knows play the blame game as you analyse forget them — breathe in breathe out don’t deny, just stop fighting……….and RELAX Give them up to the powers that … Continue reading

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The ANSWER Is You (In my Case . . . ME!)

As is always true, I sought the answers outside myself, but are they ever? Perhaps, but I don’t think so . . . it seems I shall have to take care of myself . . .because again I thought I … Continue reading

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Damn The Clutter In My Head…..

I can’t get politics out of my head… thinking of the future of America and the future for my children. I get so worked up…but to no avail it seems these men who are running or should I say ruining … Continue reading

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TMJ Center May Be The Answer To Issues of Constant Pain

Yesterday I had to see an orthodontist for some dental issues and pain and fortunately he has decided that I do not immediately need braces but need to see a TMJ Center for care of my TMJ issues and constant … Continue reading

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The Day After Physical Therapy

Last night I could not sleep, I still can not get comfortable. When I spoke to my PT (physical therapist) he asked me if I’ve slept in a recliner. “No, I don’t have a recliner, I usually prop myself up … Continue reading

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My First Physical Therapy Visit…

OMG! Thank you God that my first visit went off so splendidly…I can’t believe it. I’ve been looking forward to starting the physical therapy but at the same time I’ve had mixed feelings, being a little scared, not knowing what … Continue reading

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Fabulous News Today Pain and All!

I woke up today and felt different. It was the first time since my shoulder surgery that the first thing I was aware of when I opened my eyes was not the pain of my shoulder, it was the absence … Continue reading

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Dealing with Death & The Loss of A Friend . . .

How do we deal with a loss of a friend? How do we endure the pain and loss? These questions have mystified humans since the beginning of time. One way we deal with death is pondering where the soul migrates … Continue reading

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Pondering Physical Therapy

As I’m homebound recuperating from my shoulder surgery I have good days and bad days, the good days far outweighing the bad. ┬áThank God at this point in the healing process I’ve pretty much weaned myself off the pain meds, … Continue reading

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What Do You Say In The Face Of Illness?

What do you say to a dear, dear friend when their spouse is in the hospital deathly ill? Are there words enough to convey how much you care, how much you wish to help, but can’t? Is just being there … Continue reading

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