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Jay Z’s Got A Pair Of Brass Balls!

How dare he start to decide to dictate! Really, just because he’s a new parent?! After years of spouting the most disagreeable lyrics like the ones in his song 99 Problems for example: If your having girl problems I feel … Continue reading

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Parents Vs. Bureaucracy

Unbelievable! I think I’ve heard it all. One of the hot button topics in the news today is this, a school district in Chicago who has decided that they are not allowing students, except for special cases, ie. allergies and … Continue reading

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The Making of a Man

This blog is motivated by a reader and her nice comments about my parenting skills suggesting I write in detail about raising my boys. This is the first time I have followed a suggested topic and I hope my love, … Continue reading

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Another Joy Of Proud Parenting…

Preparing for my sons college graduation, I thought I was ahead of the curve purchasing the announcements right from the college bookstore itself. As I opened a pack getting prepared to address them and get them ready for mailing I … Continue reading

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Sunday, Another Interesting Day!!

So today was the day to try a meeting of a new club I found on MeetUp.com. I was happy to get out on Sunday to miss all the football with the boys. I met a new bunch of women … Continue reading

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Flying & other Hassles…

    I started to write this post about what a hassle it is to fly, but when I actually began typing I was drawn to write about what I am going there to do …at my destination. I guess … Continue reading

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