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What Is The Right Behavior or Etiquette at Casinos?

I do not know if anyone knows the answer to this one, other than common sense and manners but just for the record I shall list some of the “Don’ts” that are commonly done that I find rather irritating, rude … Continue reading

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What is the Proper Goodbye When You Meet an Acquaintance?…

I recently ran in to someone I casually know while out shopping. I kind of waited around out of good manners to say hi as my other girlfriend saw her and told me she was there in the store. When … Continue reading

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What’s Funny To Me

I write about all different things and you never know what you’ll get comments about. But what makes some people comment, is something innocuous that I write about, go figure. The people who comment write something obnoxious that comes in as … Continue reading

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