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The Sad Disappearance Of SPOOKY The Cat

Spooky has been missing for more than 36 hours at this point. I do NOT think he is coming home. I still have his food and fresh water sitting waiting for him, in the optimistic hope that he will still come … Continue reading

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Damn Cats & Their Wild Nature….#

Ya know sometimes you can’t win for losing…. I hate to complain…okay maybe not….but this is a serious topic and I’d love to hear what others think on this topic. I’m an empty nester now that I’ve sent my two … Continue reading

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Spooky In The Wild!

Still working with the new CANON! Here’s some photos I thought I’d share. © Evelyn Garone 10.10.11

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I’maa Kill Spooky The Cat!

Thanks to Spooky the cat, today started with a cold glass of water splashed all over my head as I lay in my bed. (Who needs coffee?)  What a pleasure. I do have to say, though he’s very talented. . . … Continue reading

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Spooky’s Latest Escapades

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what my cat is up to now…? Well, it is now a common occurrence for him to let himself in my screen door, but the conundrum is that once he’s in for the night, how do I … Continue reading

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Spooky Strikes Again By Bring Home A Live Trophy!

As I’m still chillin’ recuperating from my surgery,  I’m ambling around the house from spot to spot trying to assuage the boredom and get comfortable. As I do this, I tend to walk in and out of the house through … Continue reading

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Spooky The Cat Is Really Filling The Empty Nest Need To a”T”

Spooky you Bad, Bad Boy! So I have spoken in the past that I have let my cat Spooky be an in/outdoor cat as he feels his wild side. After he physically opened the door himself I decided he deserved to … Continue reading

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Spooky The Cat Goes for his First Grooming, Oh My!

The other day I decided Spooky the Cat really needed to have his claws clipped, so while I was at the Pet Smart having him attended to, I got the bright idea, why not treat him and myself to a … Continue reading

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