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No Chris Christie Will NOT Run For President, He SAYS for the Gazillionth Time !

My Gawd! How many times must the Governor of New Jersey be asked the same question, if he will run for President? He has refused the nomination time and time again. Today in the State House in Trenton, NJ he hopefully has … Continue reading

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Listening to the Silence…

Today as I sat down at my computer, instead of turning on the radio to talk radio chatter in the background, I sat and listened to the silence. It is very soothing and calming. It lets us center ourselves. Something … Continue reading

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Do Ya’ Think I’m Sexy…?

I was in my sweet little ride, my convertible today cruising, listening to my satellite radio, when “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart came on and it got me thinking about ageing, even as I was singing along having … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck

Hey don’t get me wrong, I was born Catholic, and I have chosen to remain agnostic now, or just spiritual. I have been a fan of his Glenn’s, I listen to 92.3 talk radio in Arizona. I enjoy the political … Continue reading

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News Radio

I love talk radio and news radio. I can listen for hours and I do some days as I work on my blog and book. I find it very interesting and scintillating at times. It keeps me up to date … Continue reading

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