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A & E Reinstates Phil Robertson To Duck Dynasty

Stand With Phil? Continue reading

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“Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turning”……

Today as I was driving in my car, I decided to put on some music, and what could be better than “Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turning” by Journey for some serious mind stimulation……every time I hear this song … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum’s on FIRE!

And what the hell are the electorate thinking? Are they really listening to the nonsense this guy is spouting? His over-the-top Catholic ideology is one of the reasons I thought so many people left the church in the last 10-20 years…. Please, don’t … Continue reading

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Does Pat Robertson have Alzheimer’s Disease?

If you’ve been anywhere near the news this week, perhaps you’ve heard Pat Robertson, the Evangelical Preacher of the “700 Club” spouting his opinion on whether it’s correct to divorce a spouse with Alzheimer’s disease? His answer would probably make sense … Continue reading

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Religion VS. Ancient Alien Visitations

First off I have to state that I was born and raised Catholic, so I know the rhetoric and the beliefs of at least one organized religion. I have reached my majority and have decided that Catholicism is not for … Continue reading

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Death is so hard for humans. It is mostly inopportunely timed. I think I have only heard once or twice in my life people actually say it was a good thing and they were happy about it or they understood … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck

Hey don’t get me wrong, I was born Catholic, and I have chosen to remain agnostic now, or just spiritual. I have been a fan of his Glenn’s, I listen to 92.3 talk radio in Arizona. I enjoy the political … Continue reading

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Thank God 9/11 Is Behind Us Again…

I believe the day should be a day of reflection, thought and remembrance. It’s 9 years later, and I wish the poor families who suffered through the terrible ordeal could find some means of closure. I can not believe it … Continue reading

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The NUT Who Wants to Burn The KORAN…

is just that! He’s a nut. It’s too bad he’s getting this much attention from all forms of the media. He is a Pastor who has 50-100 members to his church, not enough to garner this much attention. He’s a … Continue reading

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