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Today’s Headline News!

Let’s talk about what’s important today…what’s new in the news…. Have you heard about the woman in Michigan who won a $1,000,000 Lottery but still was collecting food stamps? After taxes she only got $500,000 and she has 2 houses but no … Continue reading

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Does The Media MAKE The News Not Just Report IT?

Hey, how’s that economy? Have you heard much about it lately? No, of course not, because it’s not scintillating enough. Weinergate has kind of eclipsed it. The stock-market has tanked and we’re not hearing enough about that either. Obama must … Continue reading

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There Is So Much Going On, But What To Say. . .Palin & Weinergate

Politics are crazy as usual . . . Sarah Palin is running around the country in her bus “One Nation”, supposedly “NOT” campaigning for President, visiting small-town America, with no set agenda for the media.  Having Greta Van Susteren hop … Continue reading

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Can We Stop The Blame Game in Regard to the Tucson Shooting? #*

Today was the funeral to honor Chief Judge Roll and I hope we can start putting this horror behind us. It was a moving service. The Pundits and Politicians together are all clamoring to find an answer for the terrible … Continue reading

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