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Under Protest of the Writing POLICE, I AM Writing About Football!

So as usual it’s Sunday at our house and the boys are over, so guess what? Of course we’re watching football! It’s a big day…we are lucky enough to get a game everybody is excited about. The family team is … Continue reading

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How Many Different Ways Can We Say “Happy Mother Day”?

Last night at about 9:30pm my husband and I arrived home from a wonderful dinner engagement with friends . Let me set the scene … when we arrivedĀ home my husband had to go right to bed for he had to … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home!

Having had a visit to New Jersey and New York recently, visiting old friends and having fun, I realized it’s always so nice to arrive home. To come home to your loving husband, your pleasant sons, your waiting cat, your … Continue reading

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The Making of a Man

This blog is motivated by a reader and her nice comments about my parenting skills suggesting I write in detail about raising my boys. This is the first time I have followed a suggested topic and I hope my love, … Continue reading

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Today I Took My Baby to E Camp…

    I know, I know my baby is 18, so cut me a break, he’s still MY baby! And it’s just the first step of us cutting the umbilical cord. . .believe me I’ve already done this with my … Continue reading

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So The Squeeky Wheel DOES Get The Grease . . .

So there is merit to this saying after all . . .if you follow my blog, I’m sorry to repeat myself, but for the sake of new followers, or new readers, I recently purchased some Homeopathic Patches from LIFEWAVE and … Continue reading

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