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Today is an Important Day for The Green Bay Packers

It is Football Sunday with the boys and we’re watching their Green Bay Packers who have made it to the Play-Offs with the Philadelphia Eagles. Hopefully they will win this game and move on, otherwise it’s going to be a … Continue reading

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Blah, Blah, Blah Football!!

Sunday after Turkey Day, the boys are still here…it’s great, we’ve had a nice long holiday together, but guess what, it’s ANOTHER NFL Football Sunday. Not that yesterday wasn’t Football Saturday. Really. It’s gonna’ be a lonnggg day!!!! They’ll be … Continue reading

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I really have to find a T-shirt with the saying Bitchiest Bitch!

And it’s for ME! That’s the kind of day I was having… no real reason. But I swear the sun was shining a little too brightly, people all over were just a little too stupid and slow…everywhere and in everything … Continue reading

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I Love Sundays!

Sundays usually means 1 of two things…either family day or gambling. If my boys are coming over we have a nice day together, dinner, visiting, sports, and I get my fix in of loving my boys. It’s win-win all around … Continue reading

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No News Today…

Its FIFA Fever. The boys are here and its the final game of the soccer World Cup. So no news on Fox to get me riled up. I’ll just chill today with my 3 boys. I’ll play with my computer, … Continue reading

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