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Women Would Rather Divorce Than Be Stay-At-Home Moms

How wild is this statistic I heard on the radio yesterday that more women would rather divorce their husbands, raise their children single and keep working than be stay-at-home Moms today? I wonder if what my son who has a … Continue reading

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Ride The Wave !!!

I really enjoy blogging but felt I needed a little break. I found myself listening to talk news radio and TV News so much for fodder for my blogs then getting bogged down in the negativity of all the political … Continue reading

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THEY’RE All Writing Books, Why Not ME?

I have to admit, I’m a FOX News and talk-radio newsaholic and enjoy listening to all the politicians bloviating but what has really gotten my attention is how everybody and their mother has a book to hawk. They do this unashamedly, … Continue reading

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Listening to the Silence…

Today as I sat down at my computer, instead of turning on the radio to talk radio chatter in the background, I sat and listened to the silence. It is very soothing and calming. It lets us center ourselves. Something … Continue reading

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Stop Spreading the Panic #*$

I turned on talk radio this morning for a few minutes, happened to hear a throw away comment, got busy doing something had to turn off the radio, but for some reason the comment or I should say question hung … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck

Hey don’t get me wrong, I was born Catholic, and I have chosen to remain agnostic now, or just spiritual. I have been a fan of his Glenn’s, I listen to 92.3 talk radio in Arizona. I enjoy the political … Continue reading

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News Radio

I love talk radio and news radio. I can listen for hours and I do some days as I work on my blog and book. I find it very interesting and scintillating at times. It keeps me up to date … Continue reading

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