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Why All The Furor Over “American Sniper”?

Let me preface this with WTH….the older I get the more I don’t understand people! After all, “American Sniper” is in the end just a movie portraying Chris Kyle’s take on his life and the story of his career as a … Continue reading

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Funny How Things Happen….

  Did you ever notice how the best made plans of mice and men don’t always work? How we may try to pursue things but fate may step in and decide the plans aren’t right at this time? It’s just … Continue reading

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Horoscopes and Astrology – The Truth

How often have you read your horoscope and they are so vague, you feel they are able to fit anyone born under that sign just from the broad wording they use? The concepts they are describing are so abstract, it’s … Continue reading

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Fabulous Quotable Quotes….

If you are looking for things to motivate you or move your heart……..I do not think you need look further than Mahatma Gandhi…… He seemed to have a quote for every matter under the sun! He was truly amazing, when … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror

Sometimes I wonder why then I realize I mirror reality and I realize If I want a different reaction I have to change myself…………….. for I am causing my own Reality…. Evelyn Garone 2.1.13

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What do they want from me adulation? You never know……… love?……I give what I can I always give. But some always take. What is it about this world….. Advice……..? You can be sucked dry…… Be careful……… they don’t really want … Continue reading

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The Truth

We have eyes but can we see . . . what is right in front of us? Are we blinded by the distractions . . . all the folderol Stop and listen to the silence within see the truth

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Be Careful What You Wish For…

Ha, Ha, Ha! How often have you heard that? How true can that saying be? Just like a previous blog I wrote, remember what I said, old adages are STILL here for a reason…and what, my dear readers is that? … Continue reading

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SB #1070 Law and The “New” Old Spice Man . . .

What in God’s name do they have in common, you ask? They both are in the public’s eye, face, whatever, more than we wish. I wonder if the outcome for both has to do with THAT  factor also, which is … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Most of  us in America celebrate this day with BBQ‘s and relaxation. I am lucky to have the holiday sometimes, like this year, fall on my birthday. We don’t have to get into which birthday, that is for me to … Continue reading

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