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For Love Of Twitter

I’ve been TWEETing a lot lately, mostly political and I’m really enjoying it. You can learn a lot about the Constitution and what’s going on in the political landscape. Perhaps if more people did this they would know what is … Continue reading

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Twitter & Instagram

I haven’t written anything here in a long time……I used to write almost everyday, but somehow I have just lost the urge to communicate my thoughts through this medium at the present time. Perhaps that’s part of the journey….we’re always … Continue reading

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When Did We Start Talking Like This?

Have you heard these stupid sayings? Thread the needle…? In my wheel house…. paradigm shift, push the envelope. When did we start talking like this and take ourselves seriously? Who’s nonsense is this anyway?  If you have a hard enough … Continue reading

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The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary Is Updated Again!!

When I heard the choice of the new words to be added to the dictionary this year I laughed out loud! I shall list some with both meanings REAL/MINE tweet:  a post on twitter/mindless chatter bromance: a non-sexual relationship between … Continue reading

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Friends Shouldn’t Let Jackasses Drink and Drive!

Roger Ebert didn’t pull any punches with his Twitter comment yesterday on the death of Ryan Dunn from the MTV show “JackAss” and the movies of the same names when he crashed his Porche 911 into some trees in Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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What’s In The News Today?

Facing an obnoxiously angry mob today, Anthony Weiner apologizes and resigns! Finally. Perhaps now that his wife is back in town, she has talked some sense into him and made him realize it was the only sensible course of action … Continue reading

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There Is So Much Going On, But What To Say. . .Palin & Weinergate

Politics are crazy as usual . . . Sarah Palin is running around the country in her bus “One Nation”, supposedly “NOT” campaigning for President, visiting small-town America, with no set agenda for the media.  Having Greta Van Susteren hop … Continue reading

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