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What’s Up With the New Hampshire Primary?

Mitt won with 39% and unfortunately I don’t think it was any big surprise. ¬†What was a surprise was that Ron Paul came in second with 23% though I pray he has no chance in Hell. The race is screwy … Continue reading

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The Bastardization of AMERICA… STRIP MALLS and Social Media!

Today it rained…and I had no idea it was going to. Do you know why? Because I don’t watch my local news. Since I moved to Arizona I have a disconnect with my local area because there is no downtown, … Continue reading

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I Wonder How To Go About Buying Real Estate Outside The States?

We are seriously considering buying a beach front property somewhere in the world. Somewhere not too far from Arizona. I am really interested in a second house where the weather is temperate, about an average 85 degrees where we can … Continue reading

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Where Is Everybody?

Hey, I know that there is a lot of stuff going on around the planet, but really is that any reason for my faithful readers to abandon me, the blogger? I don’t understand it…I know everything isn’t supposed to be … Continue reading

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Another War…Obama Bombs Libya.

So we’re bombing Libya. It may be the best thing for Obama and the Libyan people, I just pray that there is no way that we get involved in a fight on the ground. I don’t know if we can … Continue reading

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What Do You Do When You Can’t Sleep?

    Let’s set the stage . . . it’s 4 am, you suddenly are awake in your bed and can find no¬†discernible reason why you should not be sleeping soundly as you were two minutes ago. . . but … Continue reading

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Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami and The Aftermath

I have kept pretty mute on the whole awful disaster in Japan, though I feel so much sympathy for all the people suffering from the double whammy of the natural disasters they have suffered. The magnitude of the earthquake was … Continue reading

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