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My First Physical Therapy Visit…

OMG! Thank you God that my first visit went off so splendidly…I can’t believe it. I’ve been looking forward to starting the physical therapy but at the same time I’ve had mixed feelings, being a little scared, not knowing what … Continue reading

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Japan’s Earthquake, the Nuclear Meltdowns…2012 is Coming!

I wonder if all the horribly unfortunate things taking place across the globe have to do with all the tales of the world ending in 2012? The timing couldn’t be better …the terrible unrest in the Middle East, horrific earthquakes … Continue reading

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Our True Purpose In Life

As I spoke to a very near and dear friend today we spoke of what we are here for. . .here on this earth. Do any of us really know? Sometimes we need to relax and let the path be … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged. . .To Read Book or See The Movie ?

I read the book “Atlas Shrugged” years ago and I still remember it so clearly. The book made a great impact on me and it is more true today than ever. It is about the battle of good versus evil, … Continue reading

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Blogging Instead of Sleeping . . .

It’s always darkest before the dawn. That’s how it feels when you can’t sleep. I’m hoping the pain in my arm is just natural after a visit to the doctor. Since I decided to trip and fall earlier today, I’m … Continue reading

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Ahhh, Beautiful Arizona!

Today as I sit in my beautiful backyard enjoying the 80 degree sunshine I remember why we moved here…it is so lovely. The resort like setting of my yard is very restful and quite tropical. There are palm trees blowing … Continue reading

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PEACE – An Unrealistic Vision For The Middle East

Do we really believe there will ever be PEACE in the Middle East and that it will help us? There has been turmoil there since Jesus’s time, and if we think, America that is, that somehow, we will help bring … Continue reading

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