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Atlas Shrugged. . .To Read Book or See The Movie ?

I read the book “Atlas Shrugged” years ago and I still remember it so clearly. The book made a great impact on me and it is more true today than ever. It is about the battle of good versus evil, … Continue reading

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Blogging Instead of Sleeping . . .

It’s always darkest before the dawn. That’s how it feels when you can’t sleep. I’m hoping the pain in my arm is just natural after a visit to the doctor. Since I decided to trip and fall earlier today, I’m … Continue reading

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Ahhh, Beautiful Arizona!

Today as I sit in my beautiful backyard enjoying the 80 degree sunshine I remember why we moved here…it is so lovely. The resort like setting of my yard is very restful and quite tropical. There are palm trees blowing … Continue reading

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PEACE – An Unrealistic Vision For The Middle East

Do we really believe there will ever be PEACE in the Middle East and that it will help us? There has been turmoil there since Jesus’s time, and if we think, America that is, that somehow, we will help bring … Continue reading

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Too Bad Reality Wasn’t Like Pirates of the Caribbean

What a shame these people were attacked and killed by the Somali pirates on their yacht, not like the Hollywood version where Johnny Depp and his cohorts are too busy looking for treasure and fighting sea monsters to hurt innocent … Continue reading

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Gas & Escalating Prices

I have a burning question that needs to be answered, how come no one is up in arms about the price of gas today? It has slowly been creeping up for months, and no one is questioning the Obama Administration … Continue reading

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Listening to the Silence…

Today as I sat down at my computer, instead of turning on the radio to talk radio chatter in the background, I sat and listened to the silence. It is very soothing and calming. It lets us center ourselves. Something … Continue reading

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Is 20yrs. for 9 DUI’s The Charm?

In my neck of the woods here in Phoenix, I heard that a wonderful gentleman, Jack Mizer 58, was finally sentenced to two 10 year sentences after pleading guilty to two cases involving 4 felony charges of driving under the … Continue reading

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Spooky Strikes Again By Bring Home A Live Trophy!

As I’m still chillin’ recuperating from my surgery,  I’m ambling around the house from spot to spot trying to assuage the boredom and get comfortable. As I do this, I tend to walk in and out of the house through … Continue reading

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Table Manners, Etiquette & Tramp Stamps #%*

Alright, I hate to be pedantic and repeat myself but have you noticed the troglodytes traipsing through the world trying to pass themselves off as HUMAN? Or is it just me? Seriously, where have just regular niceties of living amongst … Continue reading

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