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THERE is NO other choice but #Trump!

Dear Citizens of America, I have a call to arms to all for today! We MUST#Vote Trump in this coming election! I have listened to other sides besides my Pro-Trump view and listened clearly to these speaking against #Trump but … Continue reading

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Wow, this is a Crazy Upside Down World! #

As I listen to talk-radio news again, my serious obsession I can’t help but hear what nonsense they blather and wonder if any of it makes sense. I’m praying there are many others who think as I do, that there … Continue reading

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    It felt so good & right to take a stand and do my civic duty. I enjoyed it except for here in Arizona it is unbelievably old fashioned. You can tell we’re still out in the Wild West. … Continue reading

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Countdown to Election Day ! # % *

    Please do not forget to let your Elected Officials know how you really feel this November 2! I myself am letting the Incumbents know how they have let me DOWN with their spending ¬†and special interests. When they … Continue reading

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