“The Voice” Blind Auditions — Season 3 #

The show starts off with a very talented Scottish man, Terry Mc Dermott who lives in New Orleans singing “Baba O’Reilly”. I think he’s great. I’m waiting, waiting… for someone to turn their chair around. OMG….it’s taking forever….finally Blake, Cee Lo and Adam do on his last note. Then they all go nuts about his singing saying he’s a great rock ‘n roll singer and that his last note was great. They fight over him, but he picks Blake as his mentor and he’s thrilled.

Then, as I continued watching “The Voice” I was very moved.  There was a young girl on the show named De’borah who calls herself a misfit who brought me to tears. She sang “Soul Sister” very well.  She used to sing in the choir of her church, but as she hit her teen years and found herself she realized she was different. Her church really did not like it and did not accept her “differentness” as she wanted to cut her hair short, and dress more like a boy so they didn’t want her in the front of the choir anymore.  I thought churches were about love and acceptance! Her gayness aside, which shouldn’t matter she mentioned in her little personal clip, she has talent and I’m so glad this show is about the voice and is a blind competition so no one sees you as you sing. Her sister had seen The Voice on the Superbowl and suggested she try out, saying this is where she belonged because they don’t care or judge. Christina and Cee Lo turned around at the exact same time! She picked Christina as her mentor because of her song “The Voice Within” as she quotes  “young girl don’t cry, you’ll soon be free to fly!” while crying saying that’s when she realized she was different. Oh, my god how touching. Was there a dry eye in the house?

During tonight’s blind auditions there was so much talent it was ridiculous.

Next up there was a very talented country girl Gracia Harrison who yodels while singing “I Want To Be A Cowboy Sweetheart”.  Adam, Cee Lo and Blake turn around for her right away. They say she is the best country singer ever on the show. As they fight over her she sensibly picks Blake. I can’t judge her well, as I’m not crazy about country and I don’t know anything about yodeling but they seem to think she’s something special. Good for her!

Devyn Deloero comes out to sing “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina. OMG! How ballsy says Adam afterwards. She’s good. Christina, Adam and Blake turn around. She picks Christina as her  mentor, though Blake tries to say he had the winner last season and a record label, though Adam says he has a record label, too. And Christina says we all have record labels. Christina tells her she’s beautiful as she hugs her to celebrate their collaboration. Ye ha! I think all the judges were disappointed they didn’t get her on their team since she is quite a good looking girl with quite a personality!

Next up Bryan Keith sings “It Will Rain” . Blake turns around right away, then Christina. Then Cee Lo and Adam. All four. He has a beautiful raspy voice that I had to play 4 times just to really hear it and take it in! It moved me. The judges were all moved. Bryan picked Adam as his mentor because he said he has a special place in his heart for him. Adam can’t say enough about him, he calls him intangible, having natural ability. He made an extra appeal, as everyone started to speak, not wanting to not say enough to get him to pick him as his mentor. Adam said he loved him from the first note. The rest of the judges are sad they didn’t get him on their team he’s that good. Bryan’s father is famous in his own right yet he took no help from him he wanted to do it all on his own, and his father breaks down as Keith says he was motivated by his father! It’s touching!

Daniel Rosa is the comeback kid who didn’t make it through last season yet this year Cee Lo and Blake turn their chairs around. He picks Cee Lo for his mentor. He is different and interesting and quite taken aback by actually making it through.The audience and the judges are so happy for him. I don’t know if I really love his voice, though he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Adam has to get up and hug him because he’s so happy he got through!

Joe Kirkland sings “Gives You Hell”. Adam turns around in seconds and then Blake follows him. He’s pretty good. Adam says he’s aggressive with control. Blake says he has star quality. Joe says coming from a band, he’s got to go with Adam. Adam’s thrilled. Blake is  seriously angry he doesn’t get him. Their competition is funny!

And lastly another tear jerker, the story of a young man from Jamaica, Queens, NY. This guy, Trevon Hunt 18, wanted to go to a performing arts school but he needed 3 teachers recommendations and his 8th grade teacher told him he wouldn’t amount to anything instead of giving him the recommendation. He sings “Listen” and is very moving. Christina turns around right away. Then Blake turns and Cee Lo, too. He has a very powerful voice. He gets a standing ovation from three judges and the audience. He doesn’t have confidence, he says and needs to be brought to the next level. So he picks Cee Lo as his mentor. They are amazed about his teacher and want to know her name, but he is too nice to do that, but if she watches she must feel about as big as a bug now!

The season is off to a great start! I was quite impressed with the quality of the voices and the youth.

(C) Written by Evelyn Garone 9/10/12

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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8 Responses to “The Voice” Blind Auditions — Season 3 #

  1. Daniel Wold says:

    Truly an emotional show. A bit more tears than goosebumps… Especially when Anita Antoinette was allowed to do her consolation a cappella renditon of “No Woman, No Cry”. For me the two outstanding performers were Bryan Keith from the Bronx and Trevor Hunt from Queens (and not just because I’m a former NYCer). It bothered me a little Bryan’s comments about his relationship with his father, who struck me as a totally supportive and nurturing towards his son, and I’m wondering why his name is so “whitebread” when his dad has a wonderful hispanic surname: “De La Paz”. Seems to me the kid should embrace his latin roots. But maybe this not an issue. He has talent!

    It was Trevor I connected with the most. He’s sweet, genuine, prodigiously talented and has charisma up the yazoo. He and CeeLo seem to be a match made in musical heaven!


    • Evie Garone says:

      I too was amazed with the Anita Antoinette consolation a cappella rendition of “No Woman No Cry”. She is talented, no doubt, I’m glad they told her to come back next year, it ripped my heart a little! I thought Bryan Keith’s voice was beautiful, haunting….who knows why his name is such, not De La Paz, maybe he took his mother’s name or made up his own (?) on purpose so as not to be associated with his father so as not to get the step up that he didn’t want the help from….good for the kid wanting to make it on his own he has chops and talent!

      I agree with you that Trevor and Cee Lo shall be great together! Ha! Maybe Cee Lo will get his first win! Thanks for reading…it sure was a very emotional show, I really did have to control the tears…,I’m glad my husband was out of town, so I could cry alone!

      I didn’t cover those who didn’t make it or my blog would have been 10 pages long, ha ha ha!


  2. Daniel Wold says:

    Thanks to the voice I found your wonderful blog. I’d googled Trevor Hunt and found you. It seems that you’d been writing this posting while watching the show. I’ve loved the show from the beginning and it just seems like this season’s will be even better. Popular culture is a many faceted mirror but as Leonard Berstein said: ” “Music . . . can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” As musicians it seems to be the vocalist is the most “up front” with this and can inform about our “soul” as a society. Here’s an example I recently found of what I’m talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDxkrCrj1AA


  3. Daniel Wold says:

    So, I was right! You’re watching and writing… So much dedication and energy!


  4. gold price says:

    We don’t know what we loved more — J.R. Aquino’s voice or his overly enthusiastic parents. The YouTube sensation from Alaska sang Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” and got Adam, Christina and Cee Lo (at the very last second) to turn around. Although Aquino and Levine have the whole guys-who-sing-high-notes thing in common, J.R. appreciated Cee Lo’s honest constructive criticism and went with him.


    • Evie Garone says:

      True true…….sometime the parents are too funny! I just love “The Voice”! This season is really proving to be a great one! I am unfortunately visiting my sick father in Florida this week and am missing what’s going on……it’s hard, I am fortunate to be seeing him as he is suffering, but life goes on!


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