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Volunteering at The Arizona Humane Society Thrift Store

Volunteer! Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day is Not All Sunshine and Roses….

I checked my blog today and was amazed by my stats……….I have the highest views EVER and many of them are for my past blog called “Funny Cat Pictures, Meow!” posted last year sometime. The surprise lasted for about a … Continue reading

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Funny Cat Pictures to LOL — Take Our Minds off SANDY!

Hey……..after the horrible storm Sandy, can’t we all use a little lighthearted fun and laughs! I got together some great cat pictures so we all could laugh, ’cause we all know laughter is the best medicine. My heart goes out … Continue reading

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The Sad Disappearance Of SPOOKY The Cat

Spooky has been missing for more than 36 hours at this point. I do NOT think he is coming home. I still have his food and fresh water sitting waiting for him, in the optimistic hope that he will still come … Continue reading

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Damn Cats & Their Wild Nature….#

Ya know sometimes you can’t win for losing…. I hate to complain…okay maybe not….but this is a serious topic and I’d love to hear what others think on this topic. I’m an empty nester now that I’ve sent my two … Continue reading

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Funny Cat Pictures, Meow!

It’s amazing how many cat lovers are out there! If you type in funny cat pictures on your Google browser it feels like millions of pictures pop up…so I downloaded a few of my favorites and figured I’d share them … Continue reading

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Spooky In The Wild!

Still working with the new CANON! Here’s some photos I thought I’d share. © Evelyn Garone 10.10.11

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CATS Is The Answer!

Now I have it. Finally . . . the answer to the ubiquitous question that has been driving me crazy. What do people want to read about? Yup . . .cats. I checked my hits and I had the most hits when … Continue reading

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I’maa Kill Spooky The Cat!

Thanks to Spooky the cat, today started with a cold glass of water splashed all over my head as I lay in my bed. (Who needs coffee?)  What a pleasure. I do have to say, though he’s very talented. . . … Continue reading

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Spooky’s Latest Escapades

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what my cat is up to now…? Well, it is now a common occurrence for him to let himself in my screen door, but the conundrum is that once he’s in for the night, how do I … Continue reading

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